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D&H United Environmental has been specializing in the petroleum and environmental services and has been providing quality service since 1964. D&H is a privately owned firm consisting of offices throughout Texas and New Mexico.

D&H specializes in hazardous materials spill response, environmental scientific evaluations, environmental sampling, monitoring and permitting, design of remediation systems, operation and maintenance activities, air modeling, groundwater fate and transport modeling, and geographic mapping capabilities. Additionally, D&H has a construction division that owns and maintains its own construction equipment such as backhoes, dump trucks, utility vehicles, etc. This allows the client to have a “One Stop Shop”, when design, environmental remediation, and construction is required for a project, thus saving the client money. D&H is listed as an LPST Corrective Action Specialist Firm (RCAS00764) and Licensed Underground Storage Tank Contractor (RCAS 00764).

D&H was established as a petroleum services company in 1964 and the environmental division was established in 1999 to better service our clients needs. Since its inception, the environmental division has provided professional services to various industrial, construction, petroleum, mining, railroad, environmental projects, and government and private entities. The environmental division employs full-time Environmental Engineers, Geologists, Hazardous Materials Specialist and Response Technicians, Environmental Regulatory Specialist, CADD Designers, and Environmental Technicians.

D&H has capabilities to respond to any environmental need in a timely and cost efficient manner.
We are also ISNetworld and PICS (Pacific Industrial Contractor Screening) members.


D&H United Environmental is a part of the D&H United Fueling Solutions Family. Learn more about our Petroleum Services in our newly constructed website: www.dh-united.com





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